1. Clark Street

From the recording Tear Back the Night


For Chicago

Beneath the brick flats, six-pack angels fly.Dancing under neon, beneath a yellow sky. Oh, Why? Did you get so high? And how does it stop you crying? Up on Clark today, I saw an angel pass my way. Up on Clark tonight, I hope the world might be alright. Hustlers roam the sidewalks. Taxis speed to clubs. The menu offers emptiness on the diner green of stubs. Oh, where’s the rub? When you’re out of luck?Oh, where’s the fun? When you’re all alone? Up on Clark Street today,I saw an angel pass my way. Out on Clark tonight, I think the world might be alright. No one knows where they’re going. No one knows where they’ve been. So they drink and drug their sorrow. Make love to get rid of the pain. Up on Clark Street tonight. Somehow the world might be alright.Out on Clark today. I hope the world might be OK.