Song for Brett

Digital Single

Dedicated to one of the world's most talented artists: Brett Davidson (1966-2017). From Zürich to Büren to Waller County and Panther Valley. Your friendship will never be forgotten. ($ 0.99) via Amazon and other online retailers. (Virginia Street Records) 2018

Virginia Street

Vinyl Single

With the Worn  The ballad to break your heart. Limited edition red-marbled 7-inch vinyl with two A-Sides. includes the singles ''Virginia Street'' and ''Dirty Touchscreen'', MP3 download, short story, and film. ($10.00). (Virginia Street Records) 2015

Tear Back the Night

Album CD

With the Weary. "It would not be an overstatement to call the new album by Bobby Vacant & the Weary a classic of dark existential rock" - Lucid Culture. ($10.00) via Amazon and other online retailers (Luxotone) 2009

Ballad of Bobby & Brizzee

Digital Single

With the Worn. Bouncy, boppy, 70s retro fun with a space twist. Digital edition. Produced by Fred Chappuis. ($.99) via Amazon and other online retailers. (Virginia Street Records) 2017

Dirty Touchscreen

Vinyl Single

With the Worn. The single too filthy to talk about. Limited edition red-marbled 7-inch vinyl with two A-Sides and includes the singles ''Virginia Street'' and ''Dirty Touchscreen''.MP3 download, short story, and short film. ($10.00). (Virginia Street Records) 2015

The Nothings - The Nothings Suck


Their infamous North Southport Ave. demo EP. Keith K. (vocals, guitar, keyboard). Bobby Vacant (vocals) Music by Keith K. Lyrics by Bobby Vacant & Keith K. Recorded in Chicago (Out of issue) 1999

Weeping Cowboys


With the Worn. An ode to all things beautiful in this world. Produced by the Worn. Limited edition green-marbled 7-inch vinyl. ($10.00) via Amazon and other online retailers. (Virginia Street Records) 2016


Virginia Neon

Album CD

With the Worn. Paying homage to the street everyone grew up on. The place everyone leaves. You can never go back again. But you can't forget either. Produced by Tyko Runesson with the help of the Jesus Taco ($10.00). Via Amazon and other online retailers (Weak Records) 2011

Virginia Street Records

Virginia Street Records is a limited edition series of audio-visual-textual art projects. Our mission is to create quality and non-commercial works that will stand the test of time.

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