Jesse James - film release 2021 - Song by Bobby vacant

Burn down all the days. Make them go away. Save up all the suns. Teacups in the end. Kick out all the friends who leave behind the stains. And call it a sin to wound them all again. Tell me it's right. Tear back the night.” - Bobby Vacant

— "Tear Back the Night"

Jesse James Film 

Independent film director Josef Steiff has just released his new film "Jesse James" which includes the song "Tear Back the Night" by Bobby Vacant & The Weary. The film has been awarded the best of LGBTQ+ at the 2021 Santa Fe Film Festival.


Forthcoming album by Bobby Vacant - 2021 - Produced by Tyko Runesson



Coming soon, thirteen new songs by Bobby Vacant.

produced and arranged by Tkyo Runesson. 

The album harks back to childhood with a soft hint of things yet to come.

(coming 2021 to Virginia Street Records)